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Vegan Lasagna Sunday Dinner

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What a relaxing way to spend a Sunday…home cooking one of my favorite meals for my family to enjoy.  I know I say it all the time, but Sunday sit down dinners are really important to me.

Growing up, we ate together as a family every night.  Sunday was not different, only it was always a real comfort meal that had everyone running to the table to eat and then lingering at the table even longer than usual because of the great conversations that were struck up during the fabulous meal. 

Sunday meals are meant to be savored.  For me savoring the meal begins with cooking the meal.  I love Sunday’s because I have no time constraints.  No phone calls, no homework, no deadlines, just me and my ideas in the kitchen.  I can take my time and plan the meal and cook it like it is a spa session.  Every minute is thoroughly enjoyed.  From cutting the veggies, to boiling water, to pulsing in the food processor,  it is like a musical symphony that stimulates all your senses at once.   Nothing makes me happier than cooking the Sunday meal that brings the whole family to the table.  The mess however, I could do without!  I leave the kitchen with a perfect looking meal, but, behind the scenes is a total disaster.  Cooking with LOVE can be very messy. Winking smile

This lasagna was no different.  I first made a creamy cheesy tofu and cashew ricotta that was full of fresh garlic, herbs and spices.  It is the core of the lasagna and must be perfect!  I blend in nutritional yeast, caramelized onions, some shredded vegan mozzarella, sea salt, miso and fresh cracked pepper.  The food processor takes the ingredients and whips them into a better ricotta than cow’s milk can produce! 


I began the lasagna by ladling an organic red pepper sauce that was slightly sweet and spicy into my casserole dish. Then I used whole wheat noodles that did not need to be pre-cooked, thank goodness!  I really prefer not to par boil noodles.  The layers included, my tofu cashew ricotta, two Field Roast Italian Sausages that were crumbled in the food processor, eight ounces of mushrooms slightly cooked in a skillet, fresh thin slices of zucchini, 1 bag of drained frozen spinach, and diced frozen hot and sweet peppers sprinkled throughout.  I made two filled layers, topped with noodles and sauce and then a sprinkling of vegan mozzarella during the final half hour of cooking.  I baked my lasagna at 350 for 1 hour. Then I turned off the oven and allowed it to rest for fifteen minutes in the oven before serving.

A labor of love that was worth every second!  It was one of my best lasagnas and even though I was stuffed after eating, I could not help but already be thinking about leftovers!




I hope you enjoyed your Sunday as much as I did mine.



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