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Black Bean Burgers Two Ways

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black bean burger polaroid

black bean burger wrap

Either way…these are delicious!  We just got home from a busy morning, and we were hungry for lunch.  Breakfast was at 7:00am, after cardio and circuit training, then out the door at 8:30am and by now, it was 11:30am, and I needed to eat.

I took a peek in the freezer and found I still had a few black bean burgers. I made raw tacos for lunch yesterday and I still had lots of the ingredients left, so I thought I would dress these burgers up Tex-Mex style.  I had a bagel thin with my tofu scramble at breakfast, and I did not want another “bread” so I made my burger on a plate.  For Andy, I found some Flat outs in the fridge and turned his into a big fat wrap.

Both were dressed with spring mix, Boston lettuce, tomatoes, onions, avocado, vegan cheddar, a tsp. of vegan sour cream and some leftover taco sauce.  All I can say is YUM. 

For dessert, we had a couple of bites of the leftover banana cream pie in a raw coconut macadamia crust that I made, and forgot to photograph, yesterday. Don’t worry, I will just have to make it again, so I can post pictures, and the recipe. It was so decadent.  After making that crust, I will never buy another dessert crust again.  It was sinful enough to be a dessert on its own. 

STATS on a plate: 353 calories, 16g fat, 20g protein, 10g fiber

STATS in a wrap: 443 calories, 18g fat, 29g protein, 19g fiber





Enjoy this windy Monday!



  1. I've never made my own black bean burgers before but I think I should! :)

  2. Where can I find the recipe for the black bean burgers?


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