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Lentil Loaf Leftovers for Lunch

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A vegan’s answer to meatloaf comfort food is a lentil loaf.  This loaf is a perfect replacement to meatloaf.  It tastes just as fabulous, but is is much healthier, and kinder.  We had this loaf for dinner last night, alongside some roasted root vegetables and apple muffins. 

My loaf comes from elements of a few recipes.  I use pre-cooked lentils as a base, then some rolled oats, crushed walnuts, tofu, wheat gluten, bread crumbs, sautéed celery, onions, garlic, diced mushrooms, and lots of dried herbs and low sodium seasonings.  I love a sweet and spicy bbq sauce on top.  It is remarkable how much like “meatloaf” this is.  A little ketchup on the side, or gravy if you prefer, and you have a winner.  Mya and Andy both love this dish.  We finished it up for lunch with a small green salad and since there was not many vegetables left from last night, I made mashed cauliflower on the side.  I used 1 bag of Birdseye Steam Fresh Garlic Cauliflower, cooked as directed, then I placed it right into the food processor with a tbsp. of Better than sour cream and blended until smooth and creamy.  Just like mashed potatoes, only slightly sweeter, and they don’t required all that butter.  I will be posting the recipe to my Recipage later today or tomorrow.

Here are a few pics from last night’s lentil loaf before it was baked.







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