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Who’s who?

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I will give you a clue…


No mistaking,

that must be mini Maria having her coffee,

getting ready for baking!

I guess you can see,

we made gingerbread people last night, all three.

T’was a jolly time, we all had a great night.

We decorated our cookies and watched the Flyer’s take flight.

Claude Giroux, he was not, as you can see,

Andy’s Gingerbread man was dressed as a Phillie.

Mya’s was dressed full of sprinkles with care,

as her dreams of eating all the left over candy filled the air. 

You will not eat the candy now, tomorrow or later, I said with a motherly tone.

The answer is “no”, Mya’s response was a groan.

Sprinkles and icing covered the counters and floors,

they were everywhere including the doors.

Goodnight sweet gingerbread people, see you in the morning.

Where cleaning up will commence and coffee I will be pouring!

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P1010852 P1010863

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P1010868 P1010864


  1. Thanks...they make me smile every time I pass them in the kitchen. I am sure I will be finding sprinkles until Easter!


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