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French Toast with Caramelized Bananas

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What a way to start the week.  Monday gourmet!  I was not feeling great yesterday, I think I did way too much over the past week and was paying for it.  I needed some rest.  I felt bad I did not make a great Sunday breakfast, so I made some French toast this morning to make up for the hum drum whole grain pancakes yesterday. 

I had one whole long French bread left from the weekend, it was not sandwich worthy, but it sure was French toast worthy.  I sliced it down into 1” thick pieces.  I preheated my double burner skillet and coated it with a pat of coconut oil. 

In a square casserole dish, I added 2 cups soy eggnog, cinnamon, and 4 tbsp. garbanzo bean flour as a binding agent.  It is a great combination.    It is perfect consistency for French toast.  I soaked the bread, then cooked it on the griddle.  I made a spot for my banana’s on the griddle, added a pat of Earth Balance “Butter”, I placed my banana, cut in half, right on the griddle.  I cooked it a few minutes, then turned it until it began to caramelize.  When bananas and toast were done,  I plated them up and served them with a drizzle of agave and cinnamon on top.  YUM!

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