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Edamame Salad over Spring Mix

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It was a bit of a crazy morning.  Knowing I had errands to run and a good workout ahead of me, I made a hearty breakfast.  I made a potato, “sausage”, pepper and onion has with scrambled tofu.  It was delicious and kept me full and energized through my workout and through all the errands. P1030090

At the end of my BJ’s trip I picked up a container of their Edamame Salad.  One of my clients said it was really good, and I had a lot to this afternoon, so I thought I would try it over some spring mix for a simple veggie packed lunch. 


Deb was right.  The edamame salad was very good.  I just put about 2 cups spring mix in a bowl, added a few cherry tomatoes, a little bit of red onion, and about 3/4 cup of the edamame salad on top.  It was satisfying and energizing.  I love a meal that gives me energy instead of making me want to sleep.  Now I am ready for a few afternoon projects, and to test a recipe or two.





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