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Soup and Salad

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Lunch yesterday consisted of a healthy spinach, spring mix, and romaine salad.  Mine was topped with tomatoes, onions, red beets and sunflower seeds.  Andy hates beets, so his had olives instead. Simple yet so healthy and tasty.  A blush vinaigrette was the dressing I chose for mine, and Andy had a creamy Italian. We also had some spinach bites on the side. 

I made a pot of chicken-less chicken noodle soup on Monday.  We shared the last bowl with our salad. It was divine.  Andy requested a clear broth for a change.  I always add so much to my soups, sometimes simple is a refreshing change.  I used my favorite broth base “Better than Chicken Bouillon” .  It is amazingly flavorful.  I used just the classic vegetables.  Carrots, onions, celery, and some baby spinach at the end.  I also added a ton of herbs.  For the noodles, whole wheat angel hair pasta, and the chicken was Gardein filets broken in small pieces.  It was a great refreshing soup that my grandmother would be proud of.  I am still amazed how I make meatless dishes that are so much like my favorites my grandmother made.

Today my dad is coming up for a lesson in soup making.  I can’t wait.  It will be fun to show him how fast and easy it is to make soup that does not come from a can or carton.




  1. I just had beets for dinner! Have you ever had roasted beet salad with a little allspice sprinkled on it? It is a totally magical pairing!

  2. Lele, I have never tried that. It sounds great, I will definitely make try that on my leftover beets. Thanks for the tip.

  3. that soup looks so delicious, is there a recipe?


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