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Busy Day

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From 6:00am the race was on, for me anyway, Andy started at 4:00am with the bread deliveries.  Mya had her big diorama project due today.  She was so proud of it, she worked so hard.  She presented the habitat of the Eastern Cottontail Rabbit.
Everything had to be hand made, nothing store bought.  She did so well.  She made this habitat by going out and foraging for all the materials.  She clipped branches, dug up grass and dug out a ton of moss.  Together we made salt dough to create her bunny and baby bunnies.  I helped her shape the big bunny, then she made all the babies.  She even painted them herself.  I hope she gets a good grade, she deserves it. 

After her breakfast was served, lunch was packed, project was secured, it was off to school.
By 8:30am I was home, blogged breakfast, then off to get my grueling workout in.  After a quick shower, I got lunch prepared before having to go visit some bread customers.
I made us chick’n salad in lettuce wraps.  It was my favorite Autumn Harvest salad, which I cannot get enough of.
This beautiful Blue Jay was hanging out by my compost watching me take pictures.

And, this bunny was in my office watching me create the blog post.  Doesn’t everyone have a bunny in their office????



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