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All by Herself…the food blog entry of an 8 year old

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Mya made this afternoon snack all by herself.  She came in my office about ten times having me try her “salsa”.  Then she brought me her finished product, which, I must say was quite good.

After making her masterpiece she tried to steal my camera… I caught her.  Then she explained that she would like to borrow it to take a few pictures of her food and have me post it on the blog.  How could I say no?  So off she went with my very expensive camera and took some great shots.  She promptly returned it in working order (phew!).

So, here is Mya’s after school snack, a salsa wrap.  All pictures are taken by Mya inside and out, just like mommy.  She even took pictures of the ingredients so you would know how to make it!

She is now over my shoulder proof reading and editing the post.  She has final approval.

Hope you enjoy!







P1010463 P1010458

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  1. Yeah for Mya! I think its great when kids are helping or cooking in the kitchen. My daughter has been helping me cook dinner alot. Its a great way to learn the importance of eating well.

    Mya, I think you have a future as a food blogger. Your wrap/salsa looks really tasty! Keep those dishes coming!


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