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Sloppy Joe’s

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious
We needed a quick dinner after all the running around. Mya and Andy had soccer practice and I was  picking up our sweet little bunny, cupcake,  from the vet.  So, I decided Sloppy Joe’s with baked potatoes and baked beans would be a good dinner. 
I used TVP for my meat substitute in the Joe’s.  I have been doing that instead of getting the store bought granules, the whole family agrees the texture is perfect for replacing ground “meat”.  I also love that it has a ton of protein.  I par-baked the potatoes in the microwave, then I seasoned, oiled and foiled them, and in the oven to bake.  I heated up the baked beans right before I knew the soccer players were coming in hungry.   Since I had a 40 minute window, I also mixed up some batter and chopped up some apples to bake a healthy apple cake while the potatoes were cooking.
I had dinner ready as soon as they walked in.  I served the Sloppy Joe’s in 100% wheat pitas.  That made them not so “sloppy”.  Everyone cleaned their plate.
I will post a picture of the apple cake tomorrow when it is cool enough to cut.


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