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“Steak Salad”
Back in the day when I used to eat meat, I loved cheesesteak salads with ranch dressing.  I enjoy a much healthier version today.  I load my salad up with romaine and spring mix baby greens, celery, onion, peppers, tomatoes, radishes,  and  a drizzle of creamy Italian. Next I top it of with vegan steak strips cooked with fried peppers, mushrooms, onions, crushed chili peppers and some Dayia Italian Cheeze melted on top.  It is like a Philly cheesesteak minus the bun. 
I could eat this everyday.
And onto dessert…
Healthy Chocolate “Pudding”
Thick, rich, decadent and absolutely sinful in taste.  This a recipe was devised to kill that chocolate craving I always get after meals.  I absolutely love my tofu chocolate mouse, but in an effort to come up with more nutritious desserts, I redeveloped my pudding/mouse with a no tofu base.
This starts with my recipe for overnight-oatmeal (2/3 cup almond milk and 1/2 cup whole rolled oats soaked overnight), then a frozen banana, splash of almond milk, 2 scoops chocolate vegan protein powder, 1tbsp. ground flax or chia, dash of cinnamon, tsp. vanilla, and 1 tbsp. peanut butter.  I put all the ingredients into my Vitamix blender and blended until smooth.  I poured the mixed into a bowl, covered with plastic wrap and placed in the fridge for a few hours until set.  I love it.  Just like a pudding and satisfies the chocolate cravings in just a few mouthfuls.   This is going into Mya’s lunch tomorrow with a few baby chocolate chips on top!


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