Plants never tasted so good.


Halloween Stew & Wrap

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Don’t you feel warmer just looking at a hearty stew?  I know I do. 

My Grandma Capizzi made soups and stews weekly.  You never knew what glorious smell was going to greet you walking into the house on any winter’s day.  Growing up during the Great Depression, my grandmother could stretch a dollar so far it would squeak.  She knew how to make the best stock and always filled the broth with so many vegetables that you could eat it with a fork.  Her secret, she went to the grocery store everyday to search the “reduced rack” in the produce department.  Our soups and stew were never the same twice because her ingredients depended on what was on that rack.  It is funny, you rarely see those racks anymore.  It seems grocery stores might think people are too good for perfectly ripe produce. If it isn’t perfect looking, they don’t put it out.  It’s nearly impossible to buy a ripe avocado or plantain. She might add potato's, peppers, parsnips, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, corn, cabbage, onions, even turnips could turn up.  She had a giant pot that was always on the stove bubbling away.  It was so big, I am not sure how she could even see in it, being the petite little Italian lady she was.

My stew may not be as much of a mystery , but warm and bursting with flavor it is.  It contains a ton of fresh veggies.  Carrots, onions, celery, spinach, sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, butter beans, peas, carrots, corn, green beans, San Marzano tomatoes, better than bouillon base, bay leaves, and a little barley.  I also used a bit of a seitan as a beef substitute.  I tossed the seitan in flour, fried it in a teaspoon of olive oil, then added into the soup.  It did a wonderful job of thickening the broth to a stew consistency.  I could eat this everyday in the winter. 


Onto the wrap…

I had leftover Autumn Harvest Chick’n Salad so I used it as the filling for my wrap along with some Romaine lettuce.  This is the same wrap I made for Mya’s lunch.  I used a Flat-out light whole wheat wrap.  I spread out the lettuce and chick’n salad, then rolled it up like a jelly roll and sliced it at an angle.  It was so light and refreshing.  It was perfect with the stew.




Happy Halloween…don’t eat too much candy!!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween

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These are Clementine's  I packed in Mya’s lunch today.  Hope she likes her spooky surprise. 

Last night we had a great dinner made from the trial run cooking class I held for myself yesterday. Take a look…


Roast Butternut Squash Soup, Stuffed Delicata Squash, Autumn Harvest Chick’n Salad, and we even had Pumpkin Pie!





Here is a picture of Mya’s Halloween lunch.


That is a 1/2 of a whole wheat Flat-Out warp stuffed with Romaine and left over chick’n salad.  Organic applesauce, clementine's, chocolate almondmilk, a peanut butter brown rice crisp bar, and lite kettle corn for snack time.   She does not always eat it all, but, I like her to have some choices.  I never know what I want for lunch until I am making it.

I will update you with our lunch in a bit!  Check back, it is one of my favorite from my Grandmother’s recipe box, hint, it will take the will warm you up…


Steaming Grits on a Snowy October Morning

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Snow in October?  How did this happen before Halloween?  I think someone is playing a trick on the North East. 

Andy and Mya both asked for grits on this cold and snowy morning.  It was surprisingly chilly outside when I took these pictures.  I was carrying my bowl and camera out onto the deck, not expecting it to be coated with ice, and I slid all the way to the railing.  Luckily, I did not drop or break anything, this time!

I made these grits from a bag of Bob’s Red Mill coarse grain organic corn grits.  All it takes is 3 cups water, (but I used 2 cups water, 1 cup almond milk for extra creaminess) a dash of salt and a rapid boil, then slowly whisk in 1 cup grits. Turn the heat down to low and keep whisking frequently for about 4 minutes, then in the last minute, shred in a little vegan Monterey Jack and some nutritional yeast.  Once removed from the stove and poured into a bowl,  top it with some vegan bacon bits and a pat of buttery spread.  Sprinkle with sea salt and crank on some pepper and you have a warm creamy breakfast on a cold and snowy morning.  I still can’t believe I am saying “snowy”!!!!

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday morning.




Halloween Party, Monster Fingers and Lunch!

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Mya had her school Halloween party today.  There were lots of goodies on their menu.  One was called “monster toes”.  It was made from hotdogs and flour tortilla's.  I always want Mya to be able to participate in these activities without feeling left out over an animal based item.  So, we got up a little earlier and made our own.  We called ours “monster fingers” because ours used 1/2 of a veggie dog opposed to cocktail franks in the “toe” recipe. We also used a whole wheat wrap instead of the white flour wrap.  I have to say they turned out really cute.  I can’t wait to bring them to my cousins Halloween party on Monday.



After Mya left for school we ran around a bit and were home and starved by lunch.  I had Andy check the bread truck for a loaf of Rye bread that I was hoping we had left.  Yes!  We had one.  I love hot roast tofurkey in gravy on rye with veg Swiss and creamy horseradish sauce.  This hit the spot.  I did not even get hungry again until 6:30pm!



Happy almost Halloween!


Fried Eggplant Over Pasta

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I really wanted to finish up the pasta that I had in the fridge for dinner.  There was not enough left to have full bowls, so I made it into a kind of eggplant parm.
I keep a box of  my favorite fried eggplant in the freezer.  I love this stuff because it does not contain milk or eggs.  It is low fat and gets so crispy in minutes that if  I tried, I could not make it that good from scratch.
On the side, another great salad.  I never tire of great salads.  I added some hearts of palm to the mix.  Mya just loves those.  She is not a big salad eater at dinner, but sometimes has a little if she she likes the mix. Of course while making the salad, when I went to dress it with my white balsamic vinaigrette, I  shook it like I always do, to get all the herbs from the bottom, and guess what?  The lid was not secure, and I took a balsamic bath, and so did my cabinets and floor.  What a mess.  I smelled like salad all night!
So there you have it, reheated pasta, which tastes even more fabulous the next day anyway, topped with crispy eggplant and a light salad.


Lunch Leftovers

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Leftover Sloppy Joe made a great addition to my salad today.  I love the taste of bold BBQ flavor along side a cool sweet coleslaw. I whipped up the slaw in only a few minutes using some pre-shredded cabbage and then adding some onion and carrot and a sweet slaw dressing I made.  The dressing is so simple.  Apple cider vinegar, vegan mayo, sea salt, celery seed, and a few drops of agave nectar.  It was so creamy.  Sometime leftovers can make great new meals.

Low Fat Healthy Apple Cake

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Apples. Cinnamon. Whole wheat flour.  No oil.  No guilt.

What more can I say?  I can say… this cake was moist, dense, and bursting with flavor, not fat.  It was delicious. I want to make it weekly for the little bite of something sweet I often crave.  I am going to modify and perfect the recipe before I post it.  So be on the lookout.  You too could be indulging in a non-indulgent “slice of apple heaven.”



Sloppy Joe’s

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We needed a quick dinner after all the running around. Mya and Andy had soccer practice and I was  picking up our sweet little bunny, cupcake,  from the vet.  So, I decided Sloppy Joe’s with baked potatoes and baked beans would be a good dinner. 
I used TVP for my meat substitute in the Joe’s.  I have been doing that instead of getting the store bought granules, the whole family agrees the texture is perfect for replacing ground “meat”.  I also love that it has a ton of protein.  I par-baked the potatoes in the microwave, then I seasoned, oiled and foiled them, and in the oven to bake.  I heated up the baked beans right before I knew the soccer players were coming in hungry.   Since I had a 40 minute window, I also mixed up some batter and chopped up some apples to bake a healthy apple cake while the potatoes were cooking.
I had dinner ready as soon as they walked in.  I served the Sloppy Joe’s in 100% wheat pitas.  That made them not so “sloppy”.  Everyone cleaned their plate.
I will post a picture of the apple cake tomorrow when it is cool enough to cut.


Simple Breakfast

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I know this type of breakfast does not appeal to everyone, but for me, it’s a perfect match. 
I love a using a sweet potato as my base because it gives me energy.  It is high in vitamins and minerals, it has a slow burn effect, it is lower in calories than a white potato, and I think it’s sweetness helps balance the heat I like from my peppers, onions and garlic.  I  like to  throw in at least a cup of fresh spinach at the end to get some calcium, folic acid and vitamin K.  The spinach wilts so quickly it just melts right in.  Speaking of melting, I did put a tbsp. of Dayia cheese on top and about 3 oz. of poached tofu for protein.
For me breakfast really sets the tone for the day. What I love about this simple breakfast is that it works for my body.   I stay full until lunch and because of all the nutrients, I have less cravings throughout the day.  This meal has just the right amount of protein, carbs, and sugars to be in balance for me. I think it is important to never miss breakfast, and eat a breakfast that works for you.  Some people can have cereal, I can’t, I am hungry an hour later.  Some people can have oatmeal, I love it once in awhile, but prefer it in the afternoon if I need something to hold me till dinner.  Protein shakes are great, but I always find myself still longing for a fork and knife meal on a plate and wanting to eat again way sooner that I should. I would  love to hear some comments on what breakfast works for you.
Enjoy your morning… got to go figure out what’s for dinner.


It’s Just That Kind Of Day Pasta

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It was just one of those kind of days.  The warm Autumn sun and the crisp breeze blowing gently enough to make small cyclones of multi colored leaves scatter about.  The kind of day you want to savor knowing what is just around the corner.  That kind of day brings out the 100% Italian in me that says, “today we eat pasta.” 
I love coming in from the chilled air to have the smell of onions and  garlic frying in the pan. It  makes your mouth water upon entering the house.  Then you hear the hiss of the tomato paste as in meets the hot olive oil.  Grandma Falco always said, “fry your tomato paste  before you add the water to your gravy.”
I made my Grandma Falco’s “gravy and macaroni” for tonight’s dinner.  I always start with her recipe for gravy   sauce, then tweak it a little, I like it a hint spicier.  I used a macaroni pasta I found at Wegman’s called Riciolli, which looks like tight curls.  It was not a whole grain pasta which I usually make, it was a semolina pasta.  I get these every once in a while for a fun treat.  Most of the whole grain pastas don’t have as many fun shapes.  I let my sauce cook for 2 hours, then when it was perfect tasting, I added 1 bag of mostly thawed vegan meatballs.  Now before you non-vegan’s make that face, they are delicious.  They are light and tender with just the right amount of garlic and parsley.  Like I said, I am an Italian girl who would never eat a meatball that someone other that a grandmother made.  I spent my whole life only knowing my grandmother’s meatballs, until she taught me the recipe and I made my own.  These are really good--- trust me.
Once the pasta was al dente, about 7 minutes, I drained it from it’s salty oily water and added it to my cast iron pot of sauce.  I like to make a topper for Andy’s pasta.  He loves my fried olives and capers for a bit of bitter bite on the sweet and spicy sauce.  
I  always make a nice salad on the side.  If I didn’t, I would eat way too  much pasta.  I have to say, this was one of my best sauces.  I have made sauce, a lot.  Almost every Sunday since I was 18.  It was perfect.  When Mya walked in from school, she said, “Mommy, it smells so good in here. When are we eating?”  She even passed up her afternoon snack so she could wait for dinner.  She ate a full plate of pasta and a few meatballs and left if completely empty.  Not a noodle on the plate.  Then she asked if I could heat it up for here in the morning and put it in her Thermos for her lunch. 
There is nothing in the world that satisfies me more than feeding my family a meal that they really enjoy.  It makes me so happy. 
Now that is a lot of pasta!
My fried olives and capers.
Ready to serve.

Grandma Falco is going to be 95 in about 6 weeks, she still loves her macaroni and gravy!


Dinner & Dessert

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“Steak Salad”
Back in the day when I used to eat meat, I loved cheesesteak salads with ranch dressing.  I enjoy a much healthier version today.  I load my salad up with romaine and spring mix baby greens, celery, onion, peppers, tomatoes, radishes,  and  a drizzle of creamy Italian. Next I top it of with vegan steak strips cooked with fried peppers, mushrooms, onions, crushed chili peppers and some Dayia Italian Cheeze melted on top.  It is like a Philly cheesesteak minus the bun. 
I could eat this everyday.
And onto dessert…
Healthy Chocolate “Pudding”
Thick, rich, decadent and absolutely sinful in taste.  This a recipe was devised to kill that chocolate craving I always get after meals.  I absolutely love my tofu chocolate mouse, but in an effort to come up with more nutritious desserts, I redeveloped my pudding/mouse with a no tofu base.
This starts with my recipe for overnight-oatmeal (2/3 cup almond milk and 1/2 cup whole rolled oats soaked overnight), then a frozen banana, splash of almond milk, 2 scoops chocolate vegan protein powder, 1tbsp. ground flax or chia, dash of cinnamon, tsp. vanilla, and 1 tbsp. peanut butter.  I put all the ingredients into my Vitamix blender and blended until smooth.  I poured the mixed into a bowl, covered with plastic wrap and placed in the fridge for a few hours until set.  I love it.  Just like a pudding and satisfies the chocolate cravings in just a few mouthfuls.   This is going into Mya’s lunch tomorrow with a few baby chocolate chips on top!

Burger & Beer

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It’s Monday.  Mya and I made whole grain chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  These are not shown because they got gobbled up so fast there was no time for pictures!  I  thought I would try to inspire you for lunch instead. 
Here we have a Gardein burger on a 100% whole wheat sandwich thin loaded with lettuce, tomato, onion, dill relish, garden tomato, vegan Swiss and topped with some ketchup, mustard and Vegenaise.  A few baked chips on the side and a pumpkin beer for Andy.
Celebrating Autumn meals had us craving some Autumn beverages to go along with them.  Even though I don’t drink alcohol and prefer Apple Cider Tea, I did have an Autumn beer sampling with Andy.  It turned out all Pumpkin Ale is not created equal.  We bought two different cases for Andy and his friends to try.  Andy’s official review of the beers and then the burger below.
P1010201 P1010208
Organic Pumpkin Ale
Shock Top
Pumpkin Wheat
Very strong with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Refreshing pumpkin aroma.

Pumpkin flavor most noticeable when it hit the back of your tongue.

Great beer to have with dinner.
Strong but sweet taste.

Refreshing pumpkin aroma.

Bolder pumpkin flavor all the way through.

Great beer to have anytime.
Andy said that he liked the sweetness of Shock Top, but preferred the organic ingredients in Wolaver’s.  He said he would love to have a case of either in his fridge anytime. 
Onto the burger, Andy said it was so flavorful and satisfying that he can’t believe he ever ate burgers made from meat.  If you are not sure if you will like a veggie burger, this is one to try.  Gardein burgers really taste like hamburgers.  They are only 130 calories with 17 grams of protein and 5 grams of fat.
I like veggie burgers that are more veggie tasting.  My favorites are made from lentils, carrots, celery, onion, sweet potato and grains.  They don’t mimic the taste of a meat burger, they taste like a vegetable burger. We eat a lot of different brands and some I make from scratch, so I think having lots of variety is a great thing.  And topping the burger, whatever the kind, is just as important.
I hope you give one a try this week for lunch or dinner.  Your body will thank you!
Take a bite…you know you want to…


Sunday Dinner is my favorite meal of the week.  I love spending hours in the kitchen making a fabulous family meal for us all to enjoy.  Tonight’s meal was a classic comfort meal.  Not my “lightest”, but I had a very light lunch with anticipation of dinner. 
My vegan pot pie started with sautéed onions, celery, and garden herbs.  Fresh picked  parsley and sage.  Then I cooked the  potatoes, garlic, mixed veggies and veg chick’n just until the potatoes began to soften.  I made my sage scented gravy from scratch, then I blended all the filling together and let cool.  Once the mixture was cool and the oven was hot, I filled my frozen wheat crust with my filling and then topped it with moist stuffing and put it in the oven to bake about 50 minutes at 400.
The skillet apples:  I pan fried apples in 1 tbsp. vegan butter until they just started to soften.  Then added cinnamon and a few pinches of brown sugar and popped them into the oven covered with foil.
My other side dish was cauliflower mash.  One whole head cauliflower steamed with 1 chopped potato and 3 cloves garlic.  It takes about 20 minutes to steam until soft.  Once steamed, I placed the cauliflower, potato and garlic into my food processor and pulsed until blended smooth.  During the final pulses I seasoned with sea salt, white pepper, a pinch of garlic powder, a few tbsp. of nutritional yeast and a splash of almond milk.
Everything was done about the same time.  While the potpie cooled down enough to cut, I made some gravy for the side.
Ready to devour.  Andy said it was a magical meal.  What a compliment!!!!!

Breakfast…at Tiffany’s?

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Today, I enjoyed my breakfast of tofu scramble, home fries and whole wheat English muffin while I finished watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
I have seen it several times before, and even though I am no glamour girl,  there is just something about Holly Golightly that sparks something on the inside saying I should take note.  Holly Golightly drank milk from a martini glass and answered the door glamorously after being out all night.  I look at myself, in my cozy robe, and say, “life is short, you should be dressed and drinking your almond milk from a crystal champagne glass!”  Although that will probably never happen, I cannot help but thinking I can take cues from Holly and her no fear antics.  She does everything with style and simplicity.  Who else could get away with having a half bathtub sofa? So my ideal breakfast out would be a stroll through the farmer’s market and Holly’s a stroll past Tiffany’s, does that mean I can’t glam it up just a little?
Anyway, if you have never seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you must, it is streaming on Netflix now, and if you have seen it, see it again.  We can learn a thing or two from the simple classic movies that make us laugh and cry.  I am sometimes so disappointed in films I watch.  With all the advancements in Cinematics, you think there would be more films so good that you want to watch them again and again.  There are only a few like that  in my collection, this is one.
Hope you  have a glamorous day… darling!


Saturday Morning Breakfast

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Being up at 4am to run to the bakery means I am starved by 7:30am.  On a normal day I can bypass the usual morning fare and opt for a healthy meal to start my day.  When you walk into Conshohocken Italian Bakery at 5am and are hit in the with the aroma of baking bread (on an empty stomach), you can’t help but bring some devilish goody home.  Since I am not a “sweets” person, bread or a bagel is my weakness.  I am not talking a Lenders bagels, or some grocery store bagel, I am talking fresh baked, soft, light as air, crisp and slightly doughy Conshy Bagel.  They are like no other bagel.  Some days, I cannot resist.  Today was one of those days.
When we got home, I immediately jumped out of the car to make breakfast.  The smell of the bagels in the car was almost too much.  I quickly got my tofu “egg whites” poaching, I fried some strips of vegan bacon, and got out the veg cheddar to top it with.  It all came together pretty quickly.  It was divine. Now I will have to eat a lot of veggies today to make up for the white bread.  Every once in a while, indulgence is worth it.  Just so you know, the sandwich came in at less than 400 calories, which I worked off a little this morning.  Can’t wait to have another cup of coffee and start my weekend.
Enjoy your day!!!!


Healthy Breakfast or Mid-day Snack

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What is this?  Well, I am glad you asked.  It is a creamy dreamy concoction of blended almond milk, oats, chia seeds, vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, and banana.  All of these ingredients were placed in the blender last night and then put in the refrigerator UNBLENDED.  I made the topping this morning after blending the oat mixture until smooth. The topping is chopped apple, a tiny bit of Kashi cereal for crunch and my special recipe of “peanut butter caramel”.
This was so filling I could only eat half.  I modified KATHEATS Doughboy Smoothie recipe to make this.  It is served cold.  I think since it is so dense, the next time I make it, I will fill a bowl of fruit, then maybe 1/2 cup of this mixture, and then my crunch and caramel.
It was delicious.  Almost thick yogurt like dessert.  The oats are great for fiber, the vanilla vegan protein had a ton of vitamins, and the chia seeds are a great source of omega 3’s.  I look forward to eating the other half from breakfast later on as a dessert topper to my fruit.

Mya’s Lunch

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People are always curious as to what a vegan child has for lunch.  Today I am giving you a peak into Mya’s lunchbox. 
Let’s start with one of these items being a snack.  She never knows what she is in the mood for at snack time which is 10:30am(just like her mother), so she picks whatever she wants from her lunch.  I wrap her sandwich in two parts in case she wants 1/2 for snack.
She always has 2 pieces of organic fruit.  1 drink, usually chocolate almond milk or organic juice, either way one 1 a day and water before and after.  She some sort of organic dark chocolate dessert (she needs the boost for the afternoon).  Sometimes it’s a sandwich with a minimal bags of chips, or soup with whole grain crackers, or a salad. 
Today she has mock tuna in a 4”  whole wheat pita.  It is made from tvp, vegenaise (mayo), onion, celery, kelp flakes, dill, and relish.  She loves it!  She likes to go to the sandwich fix’in bar at school and add her own tomato and lettuce. 
The teachers and lunch mothers are always curious about her lunches, so, I thought I share with my readers!


Healthy Breakfast Tofu Scramble

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I like to start my day with a healthy savory breakfast that keeps me full.  I really don’t like to eat between meals.  Sometimes I may have an apple or carrot, but I seem to consume too many extra calories when I snack.
Here are the ingredients I started with:
1 block tofu, 1 sweet potato, 1 small red potato, 1 small red onion, 2 cups baby spinach, 1 cup mixed peppers and frozen shitake mushrooms.
Veggies on the stove cooking in cast iron:
I poach my tofu in a pot of boing water, then drain, season with turmeric and nutritional yeast, set aside till veggies are done.
Turn heat to low, add tofu once veggies are cooked, sprinkle of veggie cheese, place a lid on 2 minutes until melted.
Serve it up with a little ketchup in the side!
Up close:
This pan serves 4.
Can wait to share lunch with you.


This was by far the sweetest butternut squash to date.  The squash actually came with a story.  I wish I had may camera with me when I bought it. 
I know I mentioned before that I stop at an honor system Mennonite farm to see what they have ripe for the day.  I always get tomatoes and the past few times I got butternut squash.  I was on my way to one of my customers restaurants and I was not thinking and turned on the road where the farm is because that is the way I would normally get to that area, but today I was supposed to stop somewhere first and my trip would have ended passing the farm.   As fate would have it I thought, oh well, wrong way, I see squash, I should stop now.  So I did.
When I picked up the squash, I saw they had a beautiful gallon glass jug on the table marked $.75.  I thought it would be great to fill with some Autumn Mums.  The story continues….
So, I put the two five pound squash and jug in my car.  I got my wallet to put my $8.00 in the coffee can, when I noticed they had a small burlap shoulder bag on the bench. Neat.  I thought is was for sale too.  When I opened it, it was stuffed with cash, credit cards, insurance cards, grocery store cards and after much digging, a drivers license.   From the license I knew it was an elderly women’s purse.  I knew she would probably be in a panic to get it back, so I quick Googled a phone number from my phone.  Of course, no listing.  And for all of you who know me personally, you know my driving and that I have no idea how to get anywhere.  I looked at the address and recognized the road name and knew that it was just around the corner.  So I called Andy for guidance and to make sure I was not driving to a murder’s house, like he could do a lot on the phone!   I tried my GPS, but low and behold, it had no signal, don’t you love that.  I looked at the address again and decided I would find her house the old fashion way and actually look at the mailbox numbers. 
I started down the road slowly, it is more of a county road so not too busy, but of course, a HUGE truck comes up on my tail and then I have to pull over.  Good thing I did, I was right across the street from the nearest address.  After I passed it I realized it was a flag lot and sat way behind the other house off the road.  It was a beautiful house with an incredible view.  Once I was at the house I ran around to find Doris and happily return her purse.  She was surprised.  She had no idea it was missing.   Although she was grateful for the return, I think she was more grateful to talk to someone.  She was pretty lonely and missed her family.  She told me all about how she spends each day mowing her lawn a bit at a time, all her 3 hilly acres.  It is remarkable how some people just take care of themselves. As self sufficient as they try to be, they are still alone,  all they really want is a little conversation.  So the moral of this story is not about returning the purse. It is CALL YOUR MOTHER OR GRANDMOTHER. They miss you and just want someone to talk to.  I felt like God sent me in the wrong direction for a reason.  Doris needed someone to talk to. She was happy when I left and she had a great big smile.  It made my day.
I hope my story did not keep you all too long.
Back to the meal.. Roasted butternut squash, red quinoa, and Gardien Orange Glazed Chick’n. Three of Mya’s favorites in one meal.  I ate too much.  But it was so hard not to keep eating more because it was so good.  Mya finished the quinoa straight out of the pot.  Too cute.


I hope you enjoy a good meal  in this rainy chilly weather.
One more thing… my new favorite product that tastes like heaven:

Use in place of butter.  It is a dream come true.  LOVE IT!



What’s for lunch? Chili or Sandwich?

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I am trying to decide what to have for lunch today.  I have been on a “classic” kick this week. These were my past two lunches that I did not get to post.
The Chili was nice and spicy with avocado and veggie cheese to tone down the heat.  I love crispy baked tortilla chips to dip, it makes it like chili and a taco all in one.  YUM.
The sandwich was my downfall.  Andy brought home fresh baked rye from the bakery.  It is hard for my to turn down.  I had just come from the store, so I had all the fixin’s for a great sandwich.  It started with a thin spread of vegan mayo, then some hickory smoked tofurkey turkey, then veggie Swiss, topped by spring mix, zesty sprouts, red onions. and thick slices of garden tomatoes.  Don’t worry, I did share some with Andy, it was an awfully big sandwich.  And then of course I had a handful of baked chips on the side.  Sometimes I just have to give into my cravings.  I calculated the lunch with a total calorie intake of about 420.  I did not subtract out the “Andy bites”.
A quick Mya lunch story…
I sent her to lunch, at her request, with a hot thermos full of “Amy’s Organic Elmo Soup”, some whole wheat crakers, fruit and a dessert granola bar.  When she returned home from school, like everyday, I asked about her lunch.  She said she ate her soup at snack time and need to buy more in the cafeteria.  Which she has been getting into the habit of doing.  She likes to buy a side salad or fixin’s for her sandwich (that she would never eat at home).  She knows how much money is in her account and thinks if it is there, she can spend it.  I tell her all the time that it is for emergencies, like if she forgets her lunch, or spills her lunch or gives it away Smile.    So after her buying yesterday, I told her, “I am not refilling you account with money so you can buy what and when you want, it is for emergencies only, you are wasting money when you already have lunch”.  Her answer, “ It’s okay mommy, I will use my jar of change to FUND my account so I can buy when I want and you don’t have to send money in.”  I think she missed the point.  But it was nice of her to offer.  She always has an answer… 
Ironically, I got an email from school this morning letting parents know that they have a new lunch system and you can view your child’s account online.  You can check their money and VIEW EVERYTHING THEY PURCHASE.  I had Mya read the email this morning and her face turned red.  She said, “Oh , you can see everything?  Well, I did buy cookie last week.  But don’t worry, I threw it out,  it tasted like cardboard and I would never buy one again.”   The things we learn Smile.
Enjoy the story and your lunch!!!!!!!

Warm Oatmeal for Chilly Morning

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Simple. Fast.  Filling.

This is what I call an “Oatmeal Cookie in a Bowl”.  For my oatmeal I used multi-grain oats and water.  I cooked until thickened.  Once the oatmeal was cooked and expanded I poured it into a bowl, added the tiniest drizzle of agave, 2 tbsp. coarsely chopped raw walnuts, 2 tbsp. raisins, 2 tbsp. Almond milk (for extra creaminess) and a dash of cinnamon.   



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