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Halloween Party, Monster Fingers and Lunch!

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Mya had her school Halloween party today.  There were lots of goodies on their menu.  One was called “monster toes”.  It was made from hotdogs and flour tortilla's.  I always want Mya to be able to participate in these activities without feeling left out over an animal based item.  So, we got up a little earlier and made our own.  We called ours “monster fingers” because ours used 1/2 of a veggie dog opposed to cocktail franks in the “toe” recipe. We also used a whole wheat wrap instead of the white flour wrap.  I have to say they turned out really cute.  I can’t wait to bring them to my cousins Halloween party on Monday.



After Mya left for school we ran around a bit and were home and starved by lunch.  I had Andy check the bread truck for a loaf of Rye bread that I was hoping we had left.  Yes!  We had one.  I love hot roast tofurkey in gravy on rye with veg Swiss and creamy horseradish sauce.  This hit the spot.  I did not even get hungry again until 6:30pm!



Happy almost Halloween!



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