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Simple Breakfast

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious
I know this type of breakfast does not appeal to everyone, but for me, it’s a perfect match. 
I love a using a sweet potato as my base because it gives me energy.  It is high in vitamins and minerals, it has a slow burn effect, it is lower in calories than a white potato, and I think it’s sweetness helps balance the heat I like from my peppers, onions and garlic.  I  like to  throw in at least a cup of fresh spinach at the end to get some calcium, folic acid and vitamin K.  The spinach wilts so quickly it just melts right in.  Speaking of melting, I did put a tbsp. of Dayia cheese on top and about 3 oz. of poached tofu for protein.
For me breakfast really sets the tone for the day. What I love about this simple breakfast is that it works for my body.   I stay full until lunch and because of all the nutrients, I have less cravings throughout the day.  This meal has just the right amount of protein, carbs, and sugars to be in balance for me. I think it is important to never miss breakfast, and eat a breakfast that works for you.  Some people can have cereal, I can’t, I am hungry an hour later.  Some people can have oatmeal, I love it once in awhile, but prefer it in the afternoon if I need something to hold me till dinner.  Protein shakes are great, but I always find myself still longing for a fork and knife meal on a plate and wanting to eat again way sooner that I should. I would  love to hear some comments on what breakfast works for you.
Enjoy your morning… got to go figure out what’s for dinner.


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