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What I Ate Wednesday #10

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious

What a gorgeous day!  Here is my What I Ate Wednesday (Tuesday). 

Upon waking this morning, it was already sixty degrees. I love that.  The sun rises early now and I have enough time for a round of cardio and a workout before making my fabulous breakfast.

Today was a tofu scramble with a ton of veggies. For me and Andy to share, I cooked up, one small sweet potato, 1/2 red onion, 1/2 cup hot peppers, 1/2 cup sweet peppers, 2 cups of chopped kale, 1 clove garlic, 1/4 cup of corn, 1/2 cup low sodium diced tomatoes and 1/2 block tofu.  I poached my tofu, then seasoned it with turmeric, nutritional yeast, and Mrs. Dash. I mixed it in the pan with the veggies for a few minutes, then  I served it and topped our plates with a tablespoon of salsa and some chopped avocado.

sweet potato tofu scramble

I have a large appetite by breakfast.  I am usually up for three hours before I eat. This was one filling breakfast. It was loaded with vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber.  Perfect to start a busy day. 

Stats for this whole plate: 260 calories, 9g fat. 16g protein, 222 mg sodium, 7g fiber, 22% daily iron, 20% daily calcium.

Mya wanted a whole grain waffle and protein shake.  She had a mile run today for her third grade class and she wanted to be fueled.  I guess she was smart in her choice because she placed first with an under 8 minute mile! Not bad for a nine year old.

tofu scram 2

scram upclose

After some office work and a shower I was ready to make lunch.  I usually do not eat tofu twice in a day, but I had some tofu steak marinating since Monday in the fridge, so I thought a salad with pan grilled tofu steak would be a perfect veggie and protein lunch.

grilled tofu upclose

I chopped in thin slices, julienne style, cucumber, radishes, and carrots. Then, I added thin slices of mixed bell peppers, onion, baby spinach, basil, tomato, red cabbage, romaine, and kale.  It was very colorful. 

I made a dressing that I found on Chef AJ’s site, called Take Five dressing. It was lemon juice, water, miso, date syrup (I used agave), and Dijon.  I thoroughly coated the salad with it before serving. It was so good, and completely fat free!   I allowed the dressing to sit and thicken while my tofu got golden on each side in my cast iron pan.  When the tofu was done, I topped my salad with it and added some sesame seeds on top.

The stats for this hearty plateful: 263 calories, 8 fat, 15g protein, 5g fiber, 18% daily calcium, 26% daily iron



After running around this afternoon, I was hungry when I returned home.  I served us up some fruit with soy yogurt blended with vanilla protein and Uncle Sam cereal on top for extra protein and fiber. For the fruit, I chopped up a very small granny smith, a few tablespoons of defrosted mango and 1 small banana. I served Andy 2/3 of this combo with the yogurt and cereal topping.

Stats for this bowl: 231 calories, 4g fat, 9g protein, 6g fiber,  27% daily calcium, 18% daily iron


More running around.  I got home later than expected and we were all hungry and Andy had to go out right away, so instead of the dinner I had planned, we improvised. 


Tofurky and veggie stuffed whole grain pita, and some sweet potato chips on the side. The pita was something new I tried. It was an Arnold’s Pocket Thins.  I lined the inside with just a tiny bit of Vegenaise, romaine, tomato, onion, and two slices Tofurky.  It was quite good, jut not the healthy dinner I intended.


Stats for this plate: 342 calories, 15g fat, 14g protein, 10g fiber, 7% daily calcium, 8% daily iron.

After homework and office work, it was 6:45 and I needed something sweet and cold.  I had 3 tablespoons of Trader Joe’s Cherry Chocolate Soy Creamery in a small cone.  That stuff is too good.  I prefer it to dairy anytime.  I forgot to take a pic before I took two bites! Smile

Stats for my small cone: 120 calories, 4g fat, 1g protein, 1g fiber. 


I had a few cups of coffee with coconut creamer that were not pictured.  My total day came in at just under 1400 calories, and my nutritional requirements were met. For exercise today, I did 45 minutes of cardio and a 1/2 hour extreme circuit of upper body and abs..

I hope you all have an awesome Wednesday!



  1. The colors in your meals are beautiful! I love all the veggies and fruits - I can almost taste the freshness.

    1. Thanks Michelle, I always adding like colorful veggies, they just make you feel healthier.

  2. Could we just move in with you? There are four of us. That would make my life easier. ;) Really though, I admire your dedication to making healthy meals. And they look delicious. How do you poach your tofu? Joann

    1. Sure Joann, we have plenty of room! :)
      I just love cooking, and when I learned how food effects your body, healthy cooking became my passion.

  3. P.S. I am following you now with bloglovin'. I love their little email pics and summaries to remind me about my favourite blogs.

  4. Everything looks sooo good! I love how many veggies & tofu you eat. way to go :)

    1. Thank you...I love your blog. Your pictures are breath taking! You can tell how much effort you put into them.

  5. Wow, what a beautiful salad! Almost too pretty to eat!

  6. Oh my gosh, the tofu scramble looks amazing...especially with all those colorful veggies!

  7. I don't eat tofu, but yours always looks so good! Love the photographs and all your delicious and healthy eats. Hope you had a wonderful day! :)

  8. All your eats look super yummy!

  9. Wow, your salad looks amazing! I'm definitely going to recreate that at home. I love tofu, and I'm always looking for new dressings. Yum!

  10. Mmmm. I wish there was a Trader Joe's around here! I'll have to try it when I go home. How do you poach tofu?? And what is the end product like?


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