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Quick Burger Dinner

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious


Lots and lots to do today.  By the time it was dinner, Mya and Andy were off to a quick soccer practice before dark.  I had to get something together before they got back.  Stuffed mushrooms were my intention tonight, but I saw a burger commercial that made me want a veggie burger.

The bakery sent home some samples of a new seeded roll, so that is what I gave Andy and Mya.  I had mine on a jalapeno lime wrap (no picture).  My wrap was not that successful, the burger was too big,  I ended up cutting it up and eating it with a fork.

Mya loves baked beans and potatoes, so I made those as the side.  The potatoes were so creamy.  They were some of the best I have  had.  For some reason, I have had several batches this year that were kind of dry.  These barely needed butter, they were buttery and creamy all by themselves.  Everyone cleared their plate.  I love that . Smile




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