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What’s for lunch? Chili or Sandwich?

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious
I am trying to decide what to have for lunch today.  I have been on a “classic” kick this week. These were my past two lunches that I did not get to post.
The Chili was nice and spicy with avocado and veggie cheese to tone down the heat.  I love crispy baked tortilla chips to dip, it makes it like chili and a taco all in one.  YUM.
The sandwich was my downfall.  Andy brought home fresh baked rye from the bakery.  It is hard for my to turn down.  I had just come from the store, so I had all the fixin’s for a great sandwich.  It started with a thin spread of vegan mayo, then some hickory smoked tofurkey turkey, then veggie Swiss, topped by spring mix, zesty sprouts, red onions. and thick slices of garden tomatoes.  Don’t worry, I did share some with Andy, it was an awfully big sandwich.  And then of course I had a handful of baked chips on the side.  Sometimes I just have to give into my cravings.  I calculated the lunch with a total calorie intake of about 420.  I did not subtract out the “Andy bites”.
A quick Mya lunch story…
I sent her to lunch, at her request, with a hot thermos full of “Amy’s Organic Elmo Soup”, some whole wheat crakers, fruit and a dessert granola bar.  When she returned home from school, like everyday, I asked about her lunch.  She said she ate her soup at snack time and need to buy more in the cafeteria.  Which she has been getting into the habit of doing.  She likes to buy a side salad or fixin’s for her sandwich (that she would never eat at home).  She knows how much money is in her account and thinks if it is there, she can spend it.  I tell her all the time that it is for emergencies, like if she forgets her lunch, or spills her lunch or gives it away Smile.    So after her buying yesterday, I told her, “I am not refilling you account with money so you can buy what and when you want, it is for emergencies only, you are wasting money when you already have lunch”.  Her answer, “ It’s okay mommy, I will use my jar of change to FUND my account so I can buy when I want and you don’t have to send money in.”  I think she missed the point.  But it was nice of her to offer.  She always has an answer… 
Ironically, I got an email from school this morning letting parents know that they have a new lunch system and you can view your child’s account online.  You can check their money and VIEW EVERYTHING THEY PURCHASE.  I had Mya read the email this morning and her face turned red.  She said, “Oh , you can see everything?  Well, I did buy cookie last week.  But don’t worry, I threw it out,  it tasted like cardboard and I would never buy one again.”   The things we learn Smile.
Enjoy the story and your lunch!!!!!!!


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