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Stop at Roadside Farm Makes for a Delicious Dinner

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious
This was by far the sweetest butternut squash to date.  The squash actually came with a story.  I wish I had may camera with me when I bought it. 
I know I mentioned before that I stop at an honor system Mennonite farm to see what they have ripe for the day.  I always get tomatoes and the past few times I got butternut squash.  I was on my way to one of my customers restaurants and I was not thinking and turned on the road where the farm is because that is the way I would normally get to that area, but today I was supposed to stop somewhere first and my trip would have ended passing the farm.   As fate would have it I thought, oh well, wrong way, I see squash, I should stop now.  So I did.
When I picked up the squash, I saw they had a beautiful gallon glass jug on the table marked $.75.  I thought it would be great to fill with some Autumn Mums.  The story continues….
So, I put the two five pound squash and jug in my car.  I got my wallet to put my $8.00 in the coffee can, when I noticed they had a small burlap shoulder bag on the bench. Neat.  I thought is was for sale too.  When I opened it, it was stuffed with cash, credit cards, insurance cards, grocery store cards and after much digging, a drivers license.   From the license I knew it was an elderly women’s purse.  I knew she would probably be in a panic to get it back, so I quick Googled a phone number from my phone.  Of course, no listing.  And for all of you who know me personally, you know my driving and that I have no idea how to get anywhere.  I looked at the address and recognized the road name and knew that it was just around the corner.  So I called Andy for guidance and to make sure I was not driving to a murder’s house, like he could do a lot on the phone!   I tried my GPS, but low and behold, it had no signal, don’t you love that.  I looked at the address again and decided I would find her house the old fashion way and actually look at the mailbox numbers. 
I started down the road slowly, it is more of a county road so not too busy, but of course, a HUGE truck comes up on my tail and then I have to pull over.  Good thing I did, I was right across the street from the nearest address.  After I passed it I realized it was a flag lot and sat way behind the other house off the road.  It was a beautiful house with an incredible view.  Once I was at the house I ran around to find Doris and happily return her purse.  She was surprised.  She had no idea it was missing.   Although she was grateful for the return, I think she was more grateful to talk to someone.  She was pretty lonely and missed her family.  She told me all about how she spends each day mowing her lawn a bit at a time, all her 3 hilly acres.  It is remarkable how some people just take care of themselves. As self sufficient as they try to be, they are still alone,  all they really want is a little conversation.  So the moral of this story is not about returning the purse. It is CALL YOUR MOTHER OR GRANDMOTHER. They miss you and just want someone to talk to.  I felt like God sent me in the wrong direction for a reason.  Doris needed someone to talk to. She was happy when I left and she had a great big smile.  It made my day.
I hope my story did not keep you all too long.
Back to the meal.. Roasted butternut squash, red quinoa, and Gardien Orange Glazed Chick’n. Three of Mya’s favorites in one meal.  I ate too much.  But it was so hard not to keep eating more because it was so good.  Mya finished the quinoa straight out of the pot.  Too cute.


I hope you enjoy a good meal  in this rainy chilly weather.
One more thing… my new favorite product that tastes like heaven:

Use in place of butter.  It is a dream come true.  LOVE IT!



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