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Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious
Nothing says I love you like Vegan not-Jell-o and Not-Chocolate Candy.  Let me explain. 
My daughters class is having a Valentine Celebration today featuring a treat of JELL-O.  Her teacher sent home permission a slip.  While many of you know Gelatin is not vegan, I am sure many of you do not.  If you do not, I will spare you the gruesome details and let you Google it yourself.  Anyway, Marshmallow and Jell-o are two things that Mya does not eat.  We have the marshmallows covered thanks to Dandies and Rice-Mellow Crème, but Jell-o I have not had a request for, until now.  I did know there was a sea vegetable call AGAR that I could try.  And it worked like a charm.  2 cups 100% juice, 2 tablespoons of Agar Flakes, whisk together on low heat until it boils.  Bring down to a simmer, continue whisking  about 5 minutes until completely dissolved.  Pour into bowl and let cool in fridge.  It only takes about 45 minutes or less.  I then used a mini heart shaped cookie cutter to make little not-Jell-o hearts for school.  Did you notice?  I said 2 cups 100% juice.  NO SUGAR. NO FOOD DYE.  They were naturally sweet and red.  You can also add fruit to these. 
DSC03018 DSC03016
Now, for Not-Chocolate Candy.  Since I found out what a delicious super food real cacao is, I have been making a lot of natural chocolate recipes.  And, although my husband LOVES chocolate, he really is not supposed to eat it too often because of the caffeine. Even with all it’s health benefits, sometimes people should just eat it way more infrequently than others.  A few years ago, I made this recipe by Kelly Keough of Sweet Truth. She called them Cupid Candies.  They are made from coconut oil, almond meal, hemp seeds, coconut, stevia, agave, and for the chocolate taste, carob.  This recipe is genius.  She has a real winner.  It has so many efa’s it could be a supplement.  They are RICH, DARK, SWEET, and CRISP.  Sugar free.  Caffeine Free. Crash Free. A much better afternoon treat.  It is made from fat, but good fat.  Essential Fatty Acids. These are so decadent one or two will do. 


  1. Saw this show yesterday, she doesnt say how much of the ingredients to use. Do u have the recipe?

  2. Misty, I will find that recipe and post it. They used to have it on the Veria site, it is not there any more. I do have it somewhere in my kitchen and I will post it for you. Thanks for reading!


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