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What I Ate Wednesday #27

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious

 Happy “What I Ate Wednesday!”  I hope everyone has had a great week, I know I have.  Change is in the air. My end of summer nesting has begun.  I keep jumping from project to project, and I am trying to get Mya all her gear ready for school and soccer and all the great events that take place in Fall.

I cannot believe back to school is just a few days away. As nice as it is to get back my house, six hours a day, I will miss Mya while she is in school.  No more La La loopsies, monster high dolls, stuffed animals making there way from up stairs to down stairs via all my belts tied to a basket in a make shift elevator attached to my family room balcony. 


Half eaten food, wrappers of all kinds, and lots of shoes, all missing one foot, tossed about the house, these are the things I yell about, and will miss most. Sad smile  But, with Autumn, comes lots of great change as well.  New books, new shoes, new clothes, new soccer team and lots of new foods to explore.  Trading humid mornings where I can’t bear to go outside and water the garden for cool crisp mornings where you need a blanket to enjoy a steaming mug of coffee.  It has not been long since my last zucchini will have been picked and replaced with it’s much denser, sweeter, cousin, butternut squash.  Strawberries will be traded for cranberries and juicy peaches for crispy apples. The sound of bugs buzzing around at night will be drowned out by the High School football games, pep rally music, band practice, and students cheering that I can gladly hear echoing from the field across our yard. I really think I can declare my favorite season is Autumn. 

What excites you about Autumn and back to school?

With all this nesting, I have kept my meals this week pretty simple and delicious.  After cardio, breakfast was a tofu scramble.  It was a combination of peppers, mushrooms, onions, left over potatoes, one piece of Tofurky sausage thinly sliced, a few cups of kale, poached and seasoned tofu, and topped with fresh garden tomatoes diced with sweet onion.  I had a ton of running around to do yesterday, and this kept me full until noon.




After going to Ikea, then home depot, and then BJ’s, I was starved.  I gave in.  I bought us all a soft pretzel for lunch. It was hot and delicious, and I was totally guilt ridden.  No nutrients were to be found! I could not wait to get home and eat a real meal.  Once I got home, I grabbed a to-go cup of coffee and we ran to a few other places. 

Dinner, however, was full of great nutrients.  We had Amy’s veggie burgers!  I love Amy’s, no fake stuff, just lots of organic veggies and rice. Andy and Mya ate theirs on a fresh baked golden roll from our bakery, and I had mine over a bed of lettuce and tomatoes.  I sautéed mushrooms and onions to crown our burgers and loaded them up with spicy mustard, a little ketchup and some Daiya Jalapeno Jack “cheese”  These babies were served diner style with chipotle sweet potato fries on the side. YUM!!!!!







Since dinner was early, around 4:00 pm, dessert and decaf coffee were eminent around 6:00pm.  Andy had left for horseshoes and me and Mya were busy around the house.  I restored my energy with a super dense and fudgy black bean brownie.  I made these the other day and they were fantastic.  I love the dark, dense, slightly sweet, chocolate combination against the crisp walnuts.  These are completely flourless, gluten free, low in sugar and totally addicting.  You should really try one! Winking smile  Mya had a Tofutti pop for desert.




You can find the recipe for these on my recipage.


That was all our meals for the day that were photographed, I did have a tiny bowl of Uncle Sam’s cereal around 8:00pm. 

I have a future recipe coming up that I have been obsessed with making, now I just have to jot it down, Coconut Creamed Kale! It is fabulous and a super nutrient power house.  Look for it coming soon.


Have a productive Wednesday! 



  1. Those burgers looks DELICIOUS! I will have to try your brownie recipe, too. Happy WIAW! :)

    1. Awe, thanks. I hope you like them, I am totally addicted.

  2. Those burgers looks DELICIOUS! I will have to try your brownie recipe, too. Happy WIAW! :)

  3. Wow! I almost died of envy when I saw those burgers!!! I NEED one now!

    1. Thanks. They were good, in fact, I thought of having one at breakfast this morning. I love food! ;)

  4. My Mouth Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaters where can I find the Burger Recipe?


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