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What I ate Wednesday #21 Puppy Edition

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Meet Prince, the new addition to our family!


Our search for a puppy is over.  We have introduced our 8 1/2 week old baby blue pit into our family.  He is a super sweet boy who is a laid back lover.  We are excited to watch him grow and interact with Booey, our 11 year old pit, Xander, our 2 year old, king of the house, kitty, and Cupcake, our sweet 1 year old Holland Lop.  Introductions have been going well, hopefully with all the showers of love, this little boy will easily adapt to our crazy family.

What I ate Wednesday was on the go today.

Since we were headed out early yesterday to pick up Prince, breakfast was a simple Red, White and Blueberry super cereal bowl to celebrate the fourth.

breakfast ingredients

This was a combination of several cereals, hemp seeds, chia seeds, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries cherries and banana and some Almond Coconut milk to bring it all together! Yum.  It was just too hot for a tofu scramble!

Red white blueberry breakfast cereal

Lunch on the go…

Time to run errands and take a drive to meet our new puppy.  I knew we would be out from 10:00 till dinner, so I packed us lunch to go, including my afternoon java fix! 


It was simple Lightlife “ham” and “cheese” on wheat with mustard.  I did not want sloppy sandwiches in the car that would get mushy.  We also had the remainder of a bag of chips, some super sweet watermelon and some granola bars for dessert. 


I only made myself half a sandwich, big mistake.  I ended up eating a few more chips than I intended.  I forgot how good ham, cheese and mustard on wheat was.  Usually I make elaborate sloppy sandwiches, this was simple and delish, especially with some chips stuffed inside!


Andy’s Plate



As soon as we arrived back home with Prince, who was unnamed at the time, he was in dire need of a bath. Dire need! Only a half hour to spare before the vet visit…


price first bath

By the time we got home from the vet, we were STARVING! I quickly got some water boiling for my Rice Fettuccini.  I heated up another pan and began to sauté a lone zucchini I found in the fridge, some mushrooms and half a pint of cherry tomatoes.  Once the pasta was done I added a little butter, the veggies, some sea salt, pepper and a little vegan parmesan.  Viola, dinner. Fast.




I never eat past 6:00pm, but this meal was closer to 7:00pm.  No bread deliveries on the 4th, so a cup of decaf and some puppy bonding was how we ended the night!


so tired blue eyes

Have a happy 4th of July! Hope you are all enjoying this gorgeous day remembering how blessed we are to be a free and independent country! God Bless America!



  1. Mmm the cereal bowl looks so healthy and delicious! You puppy is so adorable!

  2. Oh wow Prince is sooo cute! So smart of you to pack a healthy lunch for being on the go.


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