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new yearsI love the last week of December. The time of renewal, hope, last minute self indulgence before your diet, and a new attitude. As an adult, New Years always makes me think of the first day back to school. Remember getting all excited with your fresh new notebooks and folders, clean bag, and organized clothes to start your week. You’d set the alarm early, but due to the excitement, you are usually up before it goes off.  You tell yourself that this is fresh start. You promise yourself everything will be as orderly as it is the first day.  This is the year I am organized and will make honor roll, no distractions, I can do this...right?
That was me every year on the 1st day of school...same old resolutions. By the end of the first week, I was beginning to see the messy desk reappear, and the orderly closet get disheveled.
As an adult, I believe the same is true for most of our resolutions.  A week to a month in, they start to fade away. Then it becomes... starting next month I promise I will be back on track. Any of this sound familiar?
I think we all need to remember that resolutions are more like intentions. I believe that intentions, when positive, and put out into the atmosphere, can be great tools to achieving our goals. You should share them and be confident in achieving them. Don't abandon your goals when you have an off-day. Keep them present and visible. Make sure you have a plan, you know the saying, "fail to plan, plan to fail”. Planning is critical; every idea can come to fruition with proper planning. Don’t worry if you have a bad day, and we all do, brush yourself off and start over. Speak to yourself as you would a child. You would not tell a child who made a mistake to give up, right? You would probably say, try again, don't get discouraged, practice makes perfect, and keep on trying. Put that, on the top of your resolution page.
I also like to make vision boards with all my goals laid out in front of me. Then, I can visualize how I will feel when I accomplish them. Also, enjoy the journey on the road to accomplishment. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the end result, we miss out on enjoying all the little things along the way.
To summarized, my advice to myself and to you, is...
Write down your resolutions in a few places where you can see them frequently. Make a plan of how you are going to achieve them.  Praise yourself along the way. Enjoy the journey. Just keep trying if you do fall off.  Also, be sure to reward yourself as you go along, you do not work for nothing, so make it fun and rewarding.
My resolutions, in no specific order, are always the same each year:
    • This year I will be in the best shape of my life.
    • I will spend as much time as I can with my family.
    • I will be a better, more patient, mother.
    • I will be as “green” and eco-friendly as I can.
    • I will spend less and save more.
    • I will volunteer my time to good causes.
    • I will complain less and appreciate more.
You get the gist. Again, these are pretty much my same resolutions, the only difference is, this year I will be sharing them with you, my readers. I hope by updating you on my progress, I will do better at accomplishing them.
What are some of your resolutions and how do you plan on accomplishing them?


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