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Eggplant w/Roasted Red Pepper Dipping Sauce & Soup

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Day four into my resolutions, and I am still right on track.  Workouts are going well, although, I am very disappointed that Verizon Fios has removed Exercise TV from on-demand.  I did variations of a few of these workouts everyday.  I recommend them to all my nutrition clients.  Figures, they raise the price and take away my favorite feature.  Anyway, Netflix has quite a few workouts I love and I ordered a couple on Amazon.  I am very sore from the abs and arms workout I did yesterday.  I made it under 1500 calories again and I walked over 6000 steps, and I ate extremely well.  I got a ton of office work done too.  So far a very productive New Year.  Okay, onto dinner.

I made a perfect pot of miso soup for lunch.  It is a wonderful warm healing soup that only takes 20 minutes to make.  I always compliment the Asian vegetables in my miso soup with Trader Joes vegetable pot stickers.  I add them during the last five minutes of cook time, and they turn out perfect every time.  It makes the bowl even heartier.  I had enough for us each to have a bowl for dinner.  But, I still wanted something kind of crunchy.  Since I have not gotten to the store yet, I searched the freezer.  I had some breaded eggplant.  Perfect.  I love mine with something on the side to dip in.  This time I checked the fridge, Vegenaise, ketchup and roasted red peppers…Yum!  I put a whole pepper into the blender, 1 tbsp. of Vegenaise, 1 tsp. Better than Sour Cream and 2 tbsp. ketchup.  I blended it until smooth, and lastly, I added some paprika.   Viola.  Instant dipping sauce.  Try it. You will love it.



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