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Food Drive

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No meal pictures today.  Today is owed to all the generous people who were a part of the 16th Annual Law Enforcement Food Drive benefitting the Salvation Army. 

Every year I have been able to share in the drive in some way.  My mom (red sweater and Santa hat) has been a coordinator of the drive since its inception.  She spends much of December making calls and getting people motivated to do their best and make the food drive a success.  It takes a lot of work from a lot of people to make this event happen.  It is an important day to the Salvation Army, it produces much of their pantry food for the coming year.  Many people are fed as a result of the people who donate food and the volunteers who put so much work into collecting all the food and getting it to the Salvation Army.  The parade of food is loaded the night before at the PAL Center by many volunteers. The following morning it is led to the Salvation Army, in the heart of Norristown, by a caravan of the Police Officers. Those Officers come together each year to get food and toys from their townships and make it a group effort to be a part of feeding those in need in their community.  I was happy to bring Mya to be a part of the parade and see how generous so many people can be.  She really enjoyed seeing all the festivities.

Volunteers organize donated food that will be transported to the Salvation Army as part of the 16th annual Lt. Patty Simons Law Enforcement Holiday Food Drive Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2011. The food and toys will be loaded onto a trailer and taken to the Norristown Salvation Army the following day. Photo by Gene Walsh / Times Herald Staff










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