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Diner Night

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In an effort to really clean out the freezer of some ingredients that will be reduced in my meal plans for January, I decided on a Diner Night.
Juicy veggie burgers topped with vegan cheddar, sloppy special sauce, tomato, shredded romaine and sweet onions minced all on a whole wheat bun.  The side instead of fries was sweet potato “tater tots”.  I love these sweet crispy little guys.  If that isn’t diner enough, super healthy strawberry shakes to wash it down. 
It is a meal reminiscent of the diner scenes in my all time favorite movie, Grease!  There is something about poodle skirts, saddle shoes,  and checkered floors that make a burger, fries and a shake seem like a perfect meal.  I am getting hungry again just talking about this meal.  Andy commented that is may have been my best burger.  He said it was better than any burger he has had out, beef or vegan.  Now that is a compliment.  There was not a crumb, drop of ketchup, or drip of shake left on a plate or glass.  Now that is good!  Even though it was heavenly and not totally unhealthy, I am really looking forward to next week’s cleanse. 
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