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Mya’s Lunch

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious
People are always curious as to what a vegan child has for lunch.  Today I am giving you a peak into Mya’s lunchbox. 
Let’s start with one of these items being a snack.  She never knows what she is in the mood for at snack time which is 10:30am(just like her mother), so she picks whatever she wants from her lunch.  I wrap her sandwich in two parts in case she wants 1/2 for snack.
She always has 2 pieces of organic fruit.  1 drink, usually chocolate almond milk or organic juice, either way one 1 a day and water before and after.  She some sort of organic dark chocolate dessert (she needs the boost for the afternoon).  Sometimes it’s a sandwich with a minimal bags of chips, or soup with whole grain crackers, or a salad. 
Today she has mock tuna in a 4”  whole wheat pita.  It is made from tvp, vegenaise (mayo), onion, celery, kelp flakes, dill, and relish.  She loves it!  She likes to go to the sandwich fix’in bar at school and add her own tomato and lettuce. 
The teachers and lunch mothers are always curious about her lunches, so, I thought I share with my readers!


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