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I bet you thought this was going to be another food entry, you know, something I made with dough.  Nope, this entry is about Mya, and most children’s fascination with toys that are not toys.  

We went to the bakery yesterday, bright  dark and early, way before dawn.  Mya always says, “wake me up when Anna’s there”.  Anna is the sweet face you meet behind Conshohocken Bakery’s counter.  She has been like another grandmother to Mya since we got into the business when Mya was three.  We used to go to the bakery every morning, now it is maybe once a week.  As soon as Mya opens her eyes, I carry my now nearly 60lb baby into the bakery and Anna greets her with a hug then proceeds to give her an abundance of treats for her and enough for her to share with friends.  And, on occasion, Mya asks for a ball of dough to play with.  I usually don’t allow it because of the mess it makes.  I am not talking on the table or floor, I am talking the walls, ceiling and yes, even the TV gets it share of dough.  It becomes a mystery how it gets certain places.  Since I knew I had a busy weekend of doing what I hate most, cleaning, I said okay to the dough, only after she agreed with several conditions on how it was to be played with.

Anyway, since we arrived home at 5:00pm last night, Mya has played with the dough.  ALL NIGHT until she fell asleep.  She woke up at 7am  and it is now noon and she has not stopped playing with the dough.  She is so engrossed in what she is doing that I took these photos from the balcony, and she did not even know I was there taking them.  I can’t believe how something as simple as a ball of dough could entertain a child for so long.  And, for those who are wondering if the conditions were met, as you can see in the pics, she is NOT at the kitchen table with newspaper underneath, she is traveling about the house tossing dough in the air trying to be a pizza person.  Mystery solved, dough on TV (check), ceiling (check), walls (check) daughter having total self occupied fun (check).  I hope she continues a little longer, I have a pumpkin cheesecake I am dying to make!

I guess I should tell Santa she needs flour, salt, and water!







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