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Simple Grilled Flatbread Lunch

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I was scrounging around in the fridge and freezer looking for something to make a simple lunch and an excuse to have even more of the Mediterranean Hummus that I have been obsessed with.  I have to say it was the best hummus I ever ate.  We finished a GIANT tub from Sam’s Club in 2 days.  Shamefully, I even cleaned out the residue to make sure none went to waste. 

Anyway, I found I had a frozen pack of Trader Joe’s 160 calories 100% whole wheat 6” Middle Eastern Flatbreads.  I quickly fired up the cast iron pan, when it was nice and hot, I grilled the bread on both sides until it was crispy and hot.  While it was grilling I went out to the garden and picked a ripe tomato and some basil.  I sliced the tomato, sprinkled a tiny bit of pink salt and finished with a drizzle of olive oil.  As that rested, I took the flatbread off the griddle and smeared a very generous portion of hummus on top.  Then I layered on the tomatoes, and then thin ribbons of basil and paper thin sliced of super sweet onions. 

It was so simple and so delicious.  I am hungry again just thinking about  it.  Got to go back to Sam’s Club for more of that hummus.  It inspired quite a few dished in the two days it lasted! 


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