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You know you’re raising them right, when…

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious
Mya wanted to visit our neighbor’s kittens again, like she does everyday. I kept saying, “no it’s too hot”.  She broke down to the “PLEASE?”, “not today”, “PRETTY PLEASE?”, no, maybe tomorrow, “PRETTY PLEASE WITH AGAVE ON TOP?”
This was a proud mother moment for me.  AGAVE, not sugar.  Almost made me say yes.  We laughed, I told her how proud I was that sugar does not even come to mind.  Then we agreed to see the kitties (who need homes) tomorrow and we would swim tonight.  I just had to share.  It goes to show you, KIDS LISTEN and YOU CAN INFLUENCE THEM INTO BETTER EATING! Smile
Have a great night! 


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